Hey again!

This is it! After a long time that i was not able to write anything on my WordPress – i am back! I am sooo back!

After my last write-up about my daughter’s second birthday, I found out that I am 4 weeks pregnant that time. Beforehand, I and my husband planned and researched on how to make a baby boy; so we did everything for it. From downloading fertility gender apps to reading articles and books about how to have a baby boy – all of that we did just for us to have our next child be BOY! We had our second child and thank God all of our prayers and efforts came into reality we made a cute baby boy Brent Khalil.


I will be writing more soon. I promise!

Right now, we are just busy with our house renovation in Tierra Sueno – finally we will be moving there! New home, new environment, new neighbors – new everything. I couldn’t thank the Lord enough for all of His blessings to me and my family.

Anyways, again, I will write here again real soon! – Kai


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