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TWO-winkle Twinkle Little Star

As a toddler, twinkle twinkle little star song is one of the favorites of my baby Bienny. So, as parents we decided to theme her second birthday full of moon, clouds and of course lots of stars. Here are some of the pictures of our “do it yourself” birthday party:



Six months ago, I started searching on Google what are the things that we can add up to the theme that we agreed to have for her #h2Biennyday (stands for Happy 2nd Bienny Birthday), Really, blue, yellow, gold and silver were the colors that we have to stick our plans with. Balloons and wooden letters were bought raw and just use the internet on what else we can do about it just to fit it in to the theme. Just super happy seeing these beautiful pieces rhymed with each other.


Thanks to the internet for giving us also the idea that having a chalkboard on the center “Bienny table” is a great piece. It emphasizes usual Bienny’s routines and favorites. Added to that, a chalkboard may include her physical and cognitive development – if she is within her aged gap development or what not which obviously she thinks older than her age. We’re just blessed to have a smart kid!



ohhh and the cake! yum!

We thought of something simple cake that will also fit in on our table. So we decided to have Conti’s Strawberry Shortcake which really added sophistication to our design. And take note, it really is mouth watering!


Sweet Lord!

Here’s a picture of my DIY sweets that for me is really cute with the accent of stars and moon and clouds on it. Cupcakes, Caramel bites, Creamcheese Oreo Shooters and my Choco-Hazelnut Cakepops!

11779793_1623930457824478_8082284417357553656_o 11779791_1623930474491143_7711377318930841256_o

Sugar rush! Say hello to our chocolate fountain set!



Meet me and my little family Briggs and Bienny the birthday girl!




More so, we all love the result of this TWO-winkle twinkle little Star theme for #h2Biennyday ..

Thank you family and friends for joining us celebrate our Biennydoll’s 2nd Birthday!

God bless everyone!


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